More and more people are packing their bags and going on a solo travel adventure. While this path may not be for everyone, it is a great way to push your own boundaries and get outside of the world that you live in. Traveling alone can provide countless benefits to your personality, mental health, and overall wellbeing. However, it can be nerve-wracking to plan for a leap such as this – here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Plan Ahead

Before you embark on your epic solo travel excursion, make sure to plan ahead. While traveling plans are crucial to any type of travel experience, be it solo or in a group, strategic planning can have a huge impact on the solo traveler. Make sure you know where you’re going, where you’ll be staying, what you’ll pack, what sights you want to see, etc. If you pack your days full of sightseeing and activities, there won’t be time for anything unproductive.

Leave a Copy of Your Itinerary with Friends or Family

Make sure to leave a copy of your itinerary with friends and family. While there are many safe travel destinations when you go abroad, it is important to have a safety net in place. You can register your trip with the local embassy, or provide your family with a general travel agenda. While you’re at it, make sure that you have your emergency contacts up to date and with you.

Enjoy Your Meals

One of the most enjoyable parts of travel for a lot of people is the different cuisines they are exposed to. It can be intimidating at first to sit down at a restaurant alone, but enjoy it! Savor your meals and take time to unplug from your technology and take in the sights around you. Whether your sitting down in Madrid in the Plaza del Sol, or in the hustle and bustle of Ameyoko Market, Tokyo, make sure to savor every bite while fully experiencing the culture.

Meet New People

As travel becomes increasingly popular, the number of resources to match fellow travelers increases as well. Plan parts of your journey to stay at a hostile, or sign up for a group tour. There are plenty of ways to meet people on your journey abroad.

No matter where you are traveling, you can always find ways to make solo adventures meaningful and life-changing. Leaving your comfort zone is a way to boost your confidence and reduce anxiety, all while seeing new things. Make sure to be safe and plan ahead, and a solo trip could be the experience of a lifetime.