Traveling to Europe is an explosion for the senses. Not only are the sights and sounds something to behold, but the tastes are also a central part of any European experience. The difficulty comes in choosing which fantastic foodie destination to make a priority. Here are a few of the top choices when experiencing the best food and drink of the region is your travel goal:

PARIS: No European food and drink list is complete without the City of Lights. The lovely city offers an impressive array of Michelin-rated establishments in addition to its eclectic mix of casual dining offerings. The culinary experience of sitting at a cafe along the Seine River with Eiffel Tower towering in the distance is unmatched by any other on earth.

PRAGUE: This historic city in the Czech Republic boasts the ideal combination of innovative and trendy food that still takes the time to respect the traditional culinary offerings of the region. Beer enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of beverage offerings in a city that is full of fun at every corner.

ROME: Ahhhhh, Italia! This bustling metropolitan area serves up a healthy variety of Italy’s best-known culinary delights. The wine flows like water and the pasta never ends. Top your meal off with an expertly crafted cannoli while sitting outside the Spanish Steps. Rome is also the perfect home base to explore all of Italy’s cuisines. Just a short train ride away, visitors will find Florence and its delectable gelato.

AMSTERDAM: The hipster culture has invaded Amsterdam, making this destination a top spot for foodies looking to experience the latest trends in street food. In addition to its high-end restaurants, Amsterdam is gaining a strong reputation for the street food favorites including bitterballen and briny herring. The possibilities are endless when you step out to find a bite to eat.

BERLIN: Berlin exemplifies the very best of Europe’s melting pot culture. This international diversity is reflected in its vast food offerings, featuring everything from traditional German currywurst to a host of foreign cuisines from all over the globe. No trip to Berlin is complete without a visit to a classic German beer hall to imbibe in a pint of beer and a sausage.