You can travel anywhere in the world, but there are a few essentials you’ll always need to make your trip better. Traveling can be stressful, so you’ll want to make it as easy as possible and be prepared for the trip ahead. You’ll create wonderful memories while traveling, so you want to reduce any stress that could arise from packing or travel issues. Here are some of the necessary items to make any flight a breeze.

Get quality bags

The first step you’ll want to take when packing for travel is to make sure your luggage is good quality and functional. If you currently do not have a luggage set, go out shopping for one. Luggage can be expensive, so annual sales are good times to purchase a set. Do your research, ask friends and family what brands they recommend, and then start looking for a deal. Before traveling, make sure your current luggage has functional wheels and zippers. You want your bags in the best condition before traveling.

Check guidelines

Even before you begin packing your bags, first look at the requirements for the individual airlines you’ll be using. Airlines have various guidelines for what’s acceptable to bring on the plane, especially amongst different countries. What may be allowed on an airplane in the United States could be banned on another airline. Also, do not pack liquids that are too large or any items that should be stored in checked luggage. You can simply check an airline’s website beforehand to find this information.

Stay organized

When packing your luggage, stay organized so you can more easily find what you’ve packed. Use plastic bags to compact clothes and other smaller bags to group extra items, such as toiletries or electronics. Take advantage of extra pockets or sections of your luggage for smaller items.

Pack basic toiletries

You might be staying at a hotel or Airbnb, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll have all the toiletries you need when you get to your destination. Take travel-sized items with you even if just to tide you over for a day or two before you can buy more toiletries or if you would get stranded somewhere.

Separate amongst bags

Certain items should be packed in checked bags while others can do in your carry-on bag. Separate items according to what bag they should be in so you don’t get held up at your security check. Also, make sure you pack important items in your carry-on along with an extra change of clothes or other items you need on a daily basis in case your checked luggage would arrive late.

Travel in comfort

If you’re taking a long flight, you’ll want to be comfortable. You might want to consider taking a small neck pillow or sleeping mask onto your flight since sleeping can make the long trip easier and help you avoid jet lag. Make sure you also have a book or something else to keep you occupied while traveling. Remember to get up and move every hour or so in order to prevent any issues from sitting for too long.

Group important documents

Finally, remember your most important documents and keep them together. Do not pack any documents in your checked luggage, keep them in your carry-on and in the same pocket. Make sure you don’t leave these items unattended at any time either. Before leaving for the airport, double check that you have your passport, other identification, some cash, and any reservation information you need.