We all love to talk about the adventures of traveling and read about the different sights, foods to try, and activities to participate in. However, something that is important not to forget is the common traveling faux pas, and learn about how to avoid them. Prepare for your trip by avoiding these common mistakes, and make the most of travel.


Overpacking, while tempting, can lead to issues such as back pains from lugging around heavy bags, or exponential costs to get your luggage shipped properly. People often forget that you can find places to do laundry cheaply on the road – and most of the time you aren’t going to wear most of what you pack. Be intentional in your packing and choose pieces that are multi-purpose and practical. Add a few extra little things like scarves or jewelry to customize your outfits. 

Poor Transportation Scheduling

One of the worst mistakes you can make is forgetting to give yourself enough time between transportation. If you plan to take a bus and then a train, for example, account for late departures and delays, as to not miss your second method of transportation. It is always better to budget an extra hour between modes of transportation than to try and fit them in within ten minutes of each other, and end up stranded.

Not Protecting Your Valuables

An unfortunate, yet true, part of travel is the possibility that you can have your possession stolen if you aren’t careful. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of replacing your phone, currency, or worst of all – your passport, in a foreign country. Buying theft-proof bags, or making sure you’re valuables are secured when you are out and about is a crucial step to take when traveling.

Not Preparing for Visa Requirements

Sometimes people forget that different countries have different visa requirements to be in compliance with in order to enter. Some countries have visa restrictions, or limitations, that prevent you from entering a country under certain conditions. Read up on a country’s visa regulations before you embark on your trip as to avoid any potential trouble down the line.

Staying in Tourist Areas

While it may seem intuitive to remain in the tourist areas of the place you’re visiting, this can be incredibly limiting for your overall experience in a foreign country. These are bound to be the most crowded and overrated places because they have to compensate for large crowds on a regular basis. Walk off the beaten path, or visit side streets – this will enrich your travels and give you a change to explore a culture on a more intimate and comprehensive way.